Announcing the
"Dozenth" LA Amp, Pedal and Custom Guitar Show!
Oct 1 & 2 2016
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Recent Past Shows

Bay Area Show May 14 & 15 2016
Amp, Pedal and Custom Guitar Show!

Prize Winners

Panel, Left to Right - Derek Duncan, Jim Wagner, Frank Falbo, Rick Turner, Jason Lollar

Rick Turner

MAY 14&15 Marriott SF Airport Hotel
San Mateo, CA
Exhibitor list

Amplified Parts
Asher Guitars
BC Audio
CYR Amps
Catalinbread Effects
Club Amps
Distortion Brothers Guitar Shop
Dusky Electronics
Fishman Pickups
Hovercraft Amps
John Page Classics
Lapdancer Guitars
Lollar Pickups
Louis Electric Amps
LsL Guitars
Maudal Musical Machines
Mission Engineering
Music Connection Magazine
Nace Amps
Neunaber Tech
Prisma Guitars
Quilter Amps
Redplate Amps
RockNRoll Relics
Seymour Duncan
Singleton Guitarworks
Solid Cables
Teye Guitars
Turner Guitars
Vertex Effects
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Warehouse Guitar Speakers
Yamaha Amps/Guitars

Prizes; MESA Boogie, Vertex, Electro-Harmonix,
Seymour Duncan more TBA

"Pickup Artists" Saturday 11:30
Jason Lollar, Derek Duncan, Rick Turner, Frank Falbo, Jim Wagner

Free V-Picks or S.I.T. Strings to the first in line each day!

Past shows below

Congrats to all who came to the
LA Amp Show 11
Oct 3&4 2015 at The Airtel Plaza
at Van Nuys Airport

The AmpShow crew pictured with legendary Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger

Click Link to Myles Rose's Picture Galleries

Click Link to Oscar Jordan's show coverage for Vintage Guitar

"Player's Paradise" Oscar Jordan (Moderator), Rafael Moriera, Gregg Wright, Pete Thorn
Nili Brosh & Sin Quirin

"Tone Wizards" Mike Franceschini, Myles Rose (Moderator)
Todd Sharp, David Friedman, Eric Carpenter

Prize winners from Saturday

Prize winners from Sunday! Including grand prize winner of the Kemper Profiling Amp!

Thanks to GUITAR CENTER for presenting Door's guitarist
Robbie Krieger and friends in Concert
And for the ongoing stage appearances and product demos
throughout the weekend in the Guitar Center ballroom!

LA 2015 Exhibitor List

A Little Thunder
Albion Amplification
Amp Shop
American Rock Room
Antique Electronic Supply
Atomic Amps
BC Audio
Blackstar Amps
Bogner Amps
Carp Amplification
Celestion Speakers
Chase Bliss Effects
Club Amps
E.W. Electronics
Earthquaker Devices
Fano Guitars
Fix Pedalboards
Forney Custom Amplification
Fractal Audio
Friedman Amplification
Fryette Amplification
Glasswerks Amps
Guitar Center
Goodsell Amps
Gore Pedals
Hovercraft Amps
JHS Pedals
Jackson Ampworks
Jensen Speakers
Kemper Profiling Amp
Landry Amps
Line 6
Lapdancer Guitars
LSL Instruments
Magnatone Amps
Matrix Amplification
Maudal Musical Machines
Mezzabarba Cust. Amplification
Metropoulos Amps
Milkman Sound
Morgan Amps
Music Connection
Nace Amps
Neunaber Tech
Oddfellows Effects
PRS Amps
Premier Builders Guild
Quilter Amps
Randall Amps
Redplate Amps
Revv Amps
Sam Ash
Satellite Amps
Seymour Duncan
Solid Cables
Studio Devil
Supro Amps
Surreal Amplification
Thorn Guitars
TIMESPEED Lectronx Guitars
Todd Sharp Amps
Tone Freak Effects
Tone King Amplifiers
Two-Rock Amps
Ventura Valve Amps
Vintage King
Vox Amps
Walrus Audio
Wampler Pedals
Xits Amps

Prizes; Kemper Profiling Amp, also prizes from; Seymour Duncan, Randall, Yamaha, JHS, Blackstar, DOD, Tone-Guard, Vox,
Solid Cables, Jensen, Fractal Audio, Roland, Celestion, Neunaber, Oddfellows, Earthquaker, Wampler, Eventide, Zexcoil, and more.

"Tone Wizards" Saturday 10:30 Myles Rose (Moderator)
Todd Sharp, Eric Carpenter, Mike Franceschini, David Friedman

"Player's Paradise" Sunday 11:00 Oscar Jordan (Moderator)
Rafael Moriera, Pete Thorn, Gregg Wright,
Sin Quirin, & Nili Brosh



Since it’s inception in 2005, The AMP SHOW's  winning format of private demo rooms has provided the ideal solution to the problem all manufacturers have faced while demonstrating  musical products –oppressive sound regulation in an open hall environment.  It is now possible to evaluate amplifiers, effects, and instruments at real world levels. At the AMP SHOW, it is up to each room to regulate volume as they please, with no limitations imposed by the show or venue staff.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the AMP SHOW’S formula for success, is the price the public pays to enter. A $20.00 fee, ensures exhibitors that the majority of attendees are serious about their time spent at the show and are more likely to have the funds available to indulge prospective equipment purchases. Furthermore, this pre-screening/filtering process, is designed to limit traffic flow to a manageable level, thus insuring each individual can count on quality time with product specialists while gathering valuable information. A certain amount of exclusivity insures a more productive, pleasurable experience for attendee and exhibitor alike.


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